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Annie Anglim
Anglim Art & Design

After a 30 year career in public school administration, I began my art business in 2012, achieving a life-long dream. I started as an art major in college and have come full circle working in my studio. 


Art is what I love because it lets me express my creativity and the joy of making something out of nothing fuels my soul. I often incorporate spirals into my work as a reflection of my own spiritual journey and my journey as an artist; always learning and growing from a place of center.


I use the art of silversmithing; soldering, fusion, working in sterling silver and copper, and combine metal and both gem and natural stone. Many of my inspirations come from nature such as the shape of the stones, the lines and texture of the metals, and the shapes that form when the metal is heated. The more organic, the more creative I feel.


My line called “Funky Fusion” has been a fun, free-form experiment in shapes, textures, colors and movement.


The greatest venture of my art career was to open Cause & Affect Gallery.  I did this to provide an accessible space for all where artists could teach and have a venue to show their artwork to this community. 

Annie is a member of the Michigan Silversmiths Guild.

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