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Art & Pen Fusion
Chris Shaw
Mickey Shaw-Cyr

We are lovers of art and handcrafted items. We are Mickey and Chris Shaw, a husband and wife team, who have always enjoyed designing and putting things together. As children, many years before we met, we both loved making artwork and each used our creative sides, off and on over the years. Life got in the way of dedicating more time to our crafts for many years, but life events in the past couple of years allowed us to each once again go back to what we love—making beautiful artwork.

We live in beautiful Farmington Hills Michigan.  Our teamwork journey started with having a need in our home. We put our heads together and designed some awesome and creative items. We feel that handmade items offer so much more than the “canned” item off the store shelf! We decided to embrace our love of creating artwork, which sparked the idea of being able to do something that we love and sharing it with others, so Art & Pen Fusions was born.

Mickey loves exploring her Native American heritage, she grew up in Detroit, she enjoys nature, is a huge animal lover and has always loved art. She has taken many art classes, including painting, drawing, pottery, stained glass, and jewelry making classes. She now creates abstract artwork, by making one-of-kind, original paintings and painting pendants.  Although her day job has been in banking for more than 25 years, her true passion is art.

Chris grew up in Livonia, enjoys nature and the outdoors. He is a mechanical genius, which is no surprise that his artistic journey led him to creating unique, handcrafted pens. He has always enjoyed creating things. He is a true artisan at heart. His creations are functional and true pieces of art. He has been in the automotive industry for more than 25 years. Although his day job is building cars, his passion is creating functional and beautiful pieces of art.  


We hope you enjoy our one-of-a-kind items. No two items are alike!

Making memories, one design at a time.

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