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Barbaranne Branca Ph.D. ABN

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”


I am an artist at heart, a board-certified Ph.D. neuropsychologist by trade.  I loved my career and the complex challenges it presented.  For many years, I expressed my creativity through ceramics.   


Unfortunately, multiple surgeries and health issues meant that I had to leave ceramics.  While I was in a body cast, I turned that intense attention to beaded and wirework jewelry. 

Jewelry Making, for me, is a meditative process and commitment.  I find the challenge of the study of new designs and the continual mastery of new and increasingly complex patterns and techniques irresistible.


It is my wish and hope that the work I create—its texture, its design, its technique--speaks to you.  My credo is: “Surround yourself with love and with beauty.” Beads and metal have been used for thousands of years for self-adornment, for objects of beauty, for ritual and contemplation.  My pieces are made with great attention and care for the people who will own them.

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