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Brenda Ellens

Brenda Ellens is by trade a veterinarian who graduated from Michigan State University in 1991.  She developed MS which landed her in a wheelchair in 2009.  Knowing that she needed to keep her hands and mind active and limber, she started to teach South glass fusing.  After her friends and family received all of the fused glass they could tolerate, she needed to find a new export of glass from her home studio.  It was then that she entered her wares into a few galleries.  Her artwork is not only a source of occupational therapy, it is an outlet for creativity and an opportunity to spread humor and joy.  There's a saying in the Ellens' household that "he who laughs the most lives the longest".  Here's hoping that her artwork brings love, joy and humor to your life.

Dr. Ellens named her art studio Dancing Bear Studio.  The motto for Dancing Bear Studio is "Love all, serve all".

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