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Catherine Bur

Catherine never thought she would be a full time artist back in 1980 as a student at MSU. She had planned to be a Veterinarian. When Catherine heard about a class being held nearby at the Haslett Potters Guild. Boom, she was hooked. When Catherine found out she could make a living with clay, she jumped at the opportunity. That move has allowed her to make a living and enjoy everyday doing what she loves.


Her fondness for animals has persisted.  Catherine has shared her life with many critters and still does today. They inspire her to create whimsical, folk art scenes on functional wheel thrown stoneware pieces, all hand drawn and painted.

The natural world influences each piece. At one time Catherine's work was more realistic but as she has aged, she sees things in bright colors and fun shapes. Her houses are crooked, her cats are silhouettes and her butterflies have long tails and come in vibrant colors. She uses real flowers grown on her small farm for her fossil textured ware.

Catherine's goal is to bring a smile to those who enjoy her work. Happy Pots with an attitude of functional fun.

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