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Cindy Williams

As a sophomore in high school needing an extra class in her schedule Cindy Williams enrolled in photography. She picked up the camera and she set out on her first class assignment to discover a profound passion for the art of photography. This class lead to more advanced classes. From that moment on Cindy experienced a thirst for photography. The art suited Cindy as she continued to learn and develop an array of different forms of photography.

Having been fortunate to live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Cindy spent much time capturing the extraordinary beauty that only the Upper Peninsula can offer. With such a pure love for photography Cindy spent much time developing her skills as a photographer by exploring Lake Superior’s majestic shoreline, massive unspoiled forest, waterfalls, and historic lighthouses. Cindy’s photography brings the beauty of nature through captured  moments in time.

Cindy’s work has been displayed and sold throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Central Michigan, Flint Art Walk in Flint Michigan and is now found at Cause and Affect Gallery in Fenton Michigan.

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