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Dave Worden

I was raised in Waterford and now live in Clarkson on the same road that I grew up on. While stationed in Bucharest, Romania as a Marine Security Guard at our embassy there, I was drawn into woodworking by a wonderfully talented old (younger than I am now) Romanian woodworker at the embassy. My woodworking was mostly “flatwork”, end tables, cabinets, etc. to meet my needs.


I earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Lawrence Tech where I got my first taste of design theory and “art”. After retiring from GM in 2003 and I began to spend more time in my shop playing around.


While attending a woodworking show around 2011 I discovered that the Michigan Association of Woodturners meets just down the road from me in Davisburg. I attended a meeting and immediately joined the club. My woodworking since then has been mostly turning with no particular focus on any specific area of turning. I’m mostly self-taught with lots of help from fellow club members, as well as videos and seminars. My work can also be seen at 16 Hands in the Kerrytown shops in Ann Arbor.

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