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Patti Von Niessen

Patricia Von Niessen of Red Fox Art Glass, is a stained glass artist, native to British Columbia.
She now resides in Holly, MI. She specializes in the Tiffany method of stained glass art, believing that it allows her more flexibility in design.  
Nature has always played a large part in her life and art. In it, she finds peace and transmits it through the gentle flow of lines in her designs.

She began her artist career with basic instruction at Franklin Art Glass Studio in Columbus, OH, then went on to develop her own style, honing her skills in soldering, pattern design, glass selection and details. With each art panel she challenges herself for perfection in order to create a truly unique piece of stained glass art that makes your heart sing. Her greatest pleasure comes from selecting just the right glass to portray the depth, movement and mood for the completed panel.

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