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Hannah Marie McDowell

My Art is honestly and beautifully all over the place.  It's a mix and realism with a dash of abstract with the details and techniques I use. I use my art to express my feelings of depression to anxiety. It's my version of therapy and expression. I prefer to use flowers and body parts, in my art to both have the ability to convey stories just with an angle or a certain tension and that to me tells amazing stories when looked upon. I have always wanted my art to have a positive outlook even if it's to help myself out of a dark place which is why I do what I do for a career.  


Currently I work for a non profit in downtown Detroit. We work with various humanitarian programs such as United for Human Rights, Truth About Drugs, and Applied scholastics. To help the community have a positive effect. I still make art work for the company with posters and murals designs.  

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