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Isiah Lattimore

I try to create, in my work, figures, and scenes that are midway through construction. I like to imagine that these characters exist as concepts in a non-physical “theory of forms” like state. I aim to show the viewer a moment before these figures fully come into being, and have not yet established a definition.  Where they can be identified as either classic historical motifs and narratives or a subtle commentary of the modern experience. By infusing elements from both I want to create a new image that is at the same time both of these things and neither. My hope is that this juxtaposition will evoke the emotions and ideals associated with religious imagery, and use them to offer a new paradigm shift by which to perceive current events. Aesthetically I aim to achieve a similar contrast with artistic styles by fusing traditional painting methods with contemporary street art that exists outside the exposure of the academy or gallery space. I am attempting to represent both the long lineage of art that fills our museums and auction houses, and the creative, yet often underrepresented, works that are cultivated outside of them. My hope is to give a new perspective on a different culture to any viewers of the work, and a new perspective on the other half of the art world for any artist who would see my work.

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