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Kathi Stiff

I come from a hugely creative family, so it was sort of natural that I was “artsy fartsy”.

My mother is the artist Peggy Abrams. Her two brothers were artists and her students. My grandmother was quite the craftsperson with multiple talents and my aunts were seamstresses. My Aunt even made my wedding dress. Everyone around me created something with an artistic flair.

As the Creative Director for a wholesale company, I was involved in  product development, catalog and showroom design and implementation in the U.S. and abroad.

During a crazy busy showroom set up, I had an accident. It changed my life and limited me. To distract me from my injury, I went to a local yarn shop to brush up on my unused knitting and crochet skills. I was hooked, again.

I love the fact that I get to play with color, texture, and design. The ability to tear it all out and start again until I get it right without ever loosing that beautiful piece of yarn. And I still get to create something in the end. Something with a purpose.

My interests aren’t limited to the fiber arts. I love to carve wood, jewelry making, decorate, design, build and garden.....oh..oh look! I haven’t done that yet! 

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