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Kat Zinn

Kat Zinn studied fine art, graphics and illustration at UC Riverside and worked for a number of years as a graphic artist in Los Angeles, California.before returning home to the state of Michigan. For the past 24 years she has shown and sold her art not only throughout the United States, but also internationally. 

Her drawings are created from her imagination; in fact, she says she generally has no preconceived notion of what she will draw when she begins. Labeled a pen and ink artist, her unique technique for applying ink has received much praise, as well as several awards, including Best of Show at the Bay City Riverside Art Festival (2011), best of Show Harrisville Harmony Weekend Art Show (2011), First Place Thumb Area Arts Guild (2017), Third Place Cadillac Art Show (2018) and Best of Show Tawas Bay Art Festival (2018).

Kat Zinn believes Good Art inspires people on some level. It is a form of communication that cannot be easily explained.

As an artist, her mission is to create positive energy through the medium of Ink; to connect with people through the silent language of art; and bring enrichment to the livesvia her art.

Katzinn Loves to ‘Play’! She loves to explore new ideas and techniques. She believesthat as an artist this is necessary to continue to grow. Her work comes completely from her imagination. Most often she has no idea where a piece will take her when she begins. It is subject to her moods, the weather and location. A piece she draws on a rainy day in the house will be very different from one she draws sitting beneath the Tamaracks on the Lake Huron shoreline.


She works with ink and various materials; such as technical pens, watercolor brushes, fibers, and organic materials to create lines, color and textures. Currently her favorite thing to do is to create a color texture first with no preconceived notion of where the piece will take her. Then she “doodles” with technical pens to create the line-work. Sometimes she will add more ink in areas over the top and finish with more pen detail.

Nature and music are Katzinn’s two greatest influences. Both of which touch us on many levels, often deep in our subconscious. Music is everywhere, beyond the radio or your favorite songs, or a summer concert in the park. Music is everywhere – the wind in the trees, and waves on the shore make music. We may not realize just how much or why music touches us, but it inspires our lives. Good art should be the same way. It should bring a smile or a tear, or just make us feel good for no particular reason.

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