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Linda Widing

Linda Widing is n accomplished artist from Fenton, Michigan, painting murals and furniture both residential and commercial.  Her acclaimed "Personality Sketches" are being displayed throughout Michigan.

When the faces came to me, I didn't understand "Why?".

With a passion for the Arts, I jave enjoed painting murals and furniture, singing and playing the guitar.  I had given litle thought to sketching until the fall of 2018 when God put a pen in my hand.  "oodling" while on the phone, my scribbles resembled a face.  I felt compelled to rapidly sketch, and about one minute later the first character had come to life.

Not knowing why I've  discovered this "gift" of sketching random faces is very humbling.  For now, I am delighted to bring a smile to others with these amusing personalities and encourage them to wonder, "What is this person thinking?"

Maybe it is for us to understand God's many faces as we bring these sketches to life through a connection between the observer and an art that speaks for itsef.

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