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Lori Sowle

My art expresses my feelings about life and the world we live in today.  I do it because it takes me away. The act of painting, of creating, transports me to a different place where I am not concerned with my surroundings, my troubles or the future.  I exist only in the act of creating in that moment. Time flies when I paint.

I draw inspiration from what is happening around me. I express my political views in some of my work. It’s a way of speaking my opinion without confrontation. Some people get it, some people don’t, and that‘s ok, because I do. 

I am a visually inspired learner and thinker. I typically approach a blank canvas with an idea of what I want to say. I use acrylic paints and various mediums that add texture because I want to “feel” a painting as well as see it. I’ve taken to using a pallet knife to help with that as well. I let the work develop organically and I am usually surprised at the end because I have an idea on where I want to go with a piece but I have no real plan on how to get there.  I’m new at this and still learning techniques and experimenting.

I have been using a lot of glazes. The idea of adding layers to a painting intrigues me. It reminds me of life and how the experiences you have, the people you meet and environments you are in are the actual layers of what shapes you as a human being. I guess you could say Life is a series of glazing applications. And I love every layer!

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