Melanie Jackson

I’m Melanie Jackson. I'm located in Fenton Michigan, and I attend Mott Community College and Fenton High School, where I am a senior.

My artwork revolves around the technique of using just a regular graphite pencil and blending tools. I've always been the most experienced with pencil and some may think working with just a pencil is dull but art is not about color.

To me, art is about the time and thought put into something. My art is mainly inspired by my own experiences and hardships. So when I create, I have a message and story behind each individual art piece. Although I do want viewers to understand the message that’s being represented, I also want them to think with their feelings and emotions to interpret the meaning in their own way. I tend to pick themes or categories that involve serious issues we humans face, it doesn't matter whether it happens to them personally or to someone close to them. I want people to analyze my work and know that they are not alone - that they are not the only one feeling this type of way.

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