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Open Call to Artists - IDENTITY

Artists working in all mediums are invited to apply for this exhibit. Cause and Affect Art Gallery presents an exhibit displaying identity. We call on artists to show a unique perspective of their own personal identity and experiences. Identity is important in art for expressing a meaningful understanding of who we are.

A person’s identity is constantly evolving and can include their cultural identity, social identity, gender identity, racial identity, and the intersection of multiple identities to form one’s whole self. Not one person is the same as another.

This exhibit will display how each individual person is different. Artists will show how they identify (heritage, race, religion, language, culture, cultural disconnection, LGBTQ+, neuro-divergency, (dis)ability, political, fashion, etc.) or describe themselves in a piece of artwork. Artists will use their work to express, explore and question what we see.

The exhibit will also show how no identity is concrete, it shifts and changes over time and through many different experiences. Identity can be altered by personal experience, how people and others perceive themselves. It brings awareness to the contribution of oneself.

Applications are due by April 30th at midnight. Artists will be notified by May 9th of inclusion into the exhibit. Go to to apply.

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