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Rita Long

“There comes a time in life when you want the original, and nothing else.” 

“To be a good artist, one has to know who they, what they want and why they want it!” 

Art, for me, has always been about self-expression. The same holds true with my customers. Art should speak to and for you, and express how you think, feel, your dreams or desires. 

Rita Long was born creative. She is a professional artist, educator and coach. Rita is dedicated to guiding people through the transitions of their lives so they can use their creativity and innate strengths to achieve their bigger goals. Creativity, in its infinite forms, is the magic that pulls us on our path to peace and self-expression. 

Intense, dynamic and magnetic are words collectors use to describe her vibrant paintings. Ms.Long’s portfolio of original oil paintings range from mystical seascapes to Tuscany’s brilliant vineyards. 

In her heart, she is always reaching to the sea. Her most recent work is a collection of 8 original oils in a series titled “See The Sea”. These sea views capture the distinctly coastal landscape of the American southeast and embrace the coastal theme that is so popular today. Rita is working with an artisan who builds hand-crafted seaside frames made from beautifully rustic reclaimed lobster traps from the Florida Keys. They make Ms. Long’s work even more dynamic and authentic. 

Making her way in the art world in her own certain way, Rita encourages you to do the same. 

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