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Sanda Cook

Worlds collide each time Sanda’s brush touches canvas.  Hailed as one of the most prolific painters in Metro Detroit, her work is both locally and internationally renowned. This is only fitting seeing how it’s this wonderful world that inspires her. Romanian-born, she studied art at the Brasor School of Arts.

Sanda’s art serves as a window into her journeys through Europe, Japan, and the United States. Love and beauty are abstract concepts that become realized through the color and light Sanda Cook paints them. Multicultural, metaphysical, and spiritual, her art is visually spellbinding and emotionally captivating.

On a mission to return the same love that Detroit (and the world) has shown her, her humanitarianism can be felt throughout her community. She’s heavily involved in charity events and donates her work whenever opportunity presents itself. For Sanda, it’s a way of feeling further connected to the people around her: “Art for me is a way of being alive, of connecting myself to the mysteries of the universe, nature, and the magnificent human soul.”

Aside from her charity involvement, her work has been featured on several mass media platforms. One of which includes a feature of her life and work on PBS’s, Detroit Performs.


Other features to her credit are Live on D, Detroit’s Local 4 Today,,,, over twenty solo shows, and over one-hundred international collection shows featuring artists from around the globe. Her work was displayed at The Sacrab Club, The Rivers Edge Gallery, Downriver Council of the Arts, The Carr Center for the Art, The Detroit Artist Market, Grosse Point Art Center, Ariana Gallery, 4731 Studios, and The Padzieski Art Gallery. 

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