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Steve Brunger
Point Betsie Creations

Steve Brunger is from East Lansing, Michigan.  He has been creating jewelry for 15 years through his business Point Betsie Creations.

The process starts with the development of the pendant.
Petoskey, Horn coral, Honeycomb or Charlevoix coral, pudding stone and beach glass is used in most necklaces. I cut the stone and look at the texture. If the texture is solid and smooth, I draw the shape with a marker then cut and grind the stone to the shape. Another texture check is taken, and then the stone goes through the finishing and polishing process. At this point the texture is checked again, and if necessary, the stone goes through a shorter polishing process.  


At this point, I start matching it with strands of semi precious stone beads. I use jaspers, amazonite, turquoise, clamshell, jade, and aqua marine just to mention a few of them. I also use leather. I work with the natural design of the corals as much as possible, creating standard and abstract shapes.

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