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Claire Grob

I like to think of my artwork as a realistic emotional portrayal of whatever the subject may be. They often range wildly; from portraits to cityscapes, to bicycles. But they are all similar in the way that they themselves have a voice, a personality, a story to be told. I find it my passion to share those stories through my work. Every story is distinct and special in its own right, so I feel it would be wrong of me to tell them all in the same way. That’s why I choose to present my subjects in a variety of materials and compositions. Each of them deserve their own distinct palette, texture, and shape. It is through this process that I’m able to better understand them, and better present them to the world. I think we often tend to overlook everything around us, whether that be the people we surround ourselves with, the settings we live in, or the objects we use on a day to day basis. I hope that my art can be used as a window into these fragments of life, and help us to better see them for what they are. 

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