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Noelle Nixon

Art has always been prevalent to who I am as a person. Creating art was so important because of how I was able to manipulate it and express anything which I desired to. These past few years I have also been exploring illustrations, photography, and even filmography. Controversial topics are what truly spike my interest but sometimes simple eye pleasing pieces are what I make. Although i’m still navigating and learning about myself through art, I definitely have a personal style in which I hope to evolve even more. 

My whole life I have lived in Fenton, Michigan. I just graduated and plan on attending Northern Michigan University this fall. I’m trying to incorporate photography and environmental sciences into my future career and plan on majoring in both. Traveling has always helped me grow and sparks new ideas for me, so the move to Marquette is very longed for.

Art in the Heart award from Fenton High school
Golden Key from Scholastic art and writing competition 
2 AP art credits from Fenton High Schools

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