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Michele Renee' Shornak

I have self-described myself as an artist since I was a small child. Colors were brighter and pulled my attention towards their beauty and I felt driven by the emotion art provokes. It has been my strongest way to communicate and I feel a strong sense of duty to let my hands create and inspire the emotions that art gifts us with. 


As a student, I won prestigious awards and scholarships for my work but chose another direction after graduation. Every path that life has led me on it has always eventually brought me back to feeling the most at home when I am creating. It literally defines my soul and the very nature of who I am. 


While I have traveled through many art forms over the years, my passion has been with glass. I love the way glass reflects light and how vivid and rich colors can feel, Literally, creating a sense of ambiance around completed pieces. 


Being self-taught, I enjoy the process of learning new skills while using non-conventional methods to make the process my own. I always push myself and try to take my skill to a higher level. I work with mixed media glass methods but also love mosaics and can get truly lost in the flow of their creation. 


While my artwork is my driving force, I also enjoy travel, gardening, kickboxing, and spending time with my loved ones. I am the proud mother of 4 mostly adult children and a wife of nearly 25 years to a fabulously supportive husband. 

I am currently represented by several retail stores and galleries in the metro Detroit region while also working directly with clients via various social media outlets. 

I feel very fortunate to work professionally as a glass artist and feel humbled to be able to bring beauty into my clients lives. 

"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an ARTIST" -Pablo Picasso

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